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Webcams are King

Webcams are the most popular products sold by D-Link and made accessible over the Internet - the DCS-932L being the most popular choice. The top 7 out of the top 10 D-Link products are webcams; the first non-webcam product on the ranking is the DSL-2750U router at rank 3. Here are the top 5 products:

  1. DCS-932L
  2. DCS-930L
  3. DSL-2750U
  4. DCS-932LB1
  5. DCS-930LB1
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Public Webcam Feeds

View of the World

There are roughly 2,500 D-Link webcams on the Internet that have disabled authentication and allow public access to the camera feed. Curiously, Japan has most of the publicly accessible webcam feeds which is unexpected since they don't otherwise have many D-Link products.

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